Katie Callaghan

Katie Callaghan Horizon Fellow

Senior Health Adviser

Sexual Health London

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Biography: Katie is the Senior Health Adviser at Sexual Health London, a London-wide online Sexual Health service, offering STI testing, online contraception and remote STI treatment. They run a modern, innovative e-service and have provided online testing for over one million service users and are the largest online testing service in the world. Katie is responsible for all clinical and safeguarding elements of the service. The service has allowed people who cannot or would not like to attend clinics to access remote testing – they provide support to young people and survivors of domestic abuse or sexual assault.

Katie’s background is in Nursing and she has worked in various settings including A&E and a Hospice. These experiences taught her about compassionate care and how to be an excellent communicator. Katie is passionate about delivering a service promoting equality in sexual health, providing education and non-judgemental support to everyone.

Horizon Fellowship project summary: The service tests over 3000 service users a day and the website has thousands of daily views, so it is a real opportunity to provide education and information for service users. They want to develop varied forms of information to support all service users with different learning needs and create a feedback tool so that they can collate reviews from service users at the end of their journey to better their experience. They also want to create video content to send to service users to increase understanding of their result and reduce anxiety, and make the website more interactive.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: Over 3000 service users a day.

Goal(s) for time on the Horizon Fellowship programme: Katie aims to develop her project management skills and looks forward to what she will learn about presenting business cases. Katie is also looking forward to networking with staff across the trust, developing relationships and learning from one another.