NHS problem

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects 1.5 million people in the UK and it’s a major cause of infertility. Research from Endometriosis UK revealed that 58% of endometriosis sufferers visited their GP over 10 times with symptoms. There are a vast range of symptoms associated with endometriosis that are often “normalised” as part of the period experience. For these reasons, along with lack of knowledge and education, the average diagnosis time for Endometriosis is around 8 years and its cost to the UK economy is £8.2 billion a year in medical expenses and loss of work.

The solution

Joii Limited accelerates research and innovation in menstrual health. Our evaluation app supports people with endometriosis and gives users their exact amount of fluid loss in millilitres and identifies the presence of clots.

All a user needs to do is wear our patented pads throughout their period, as a normal form of protection, then, using the scanning technology within our app, scan the pad and find out their volume of fluid loss in seconds.

The app will act as a digital diary for users to record their symptoms and fluid loss, allowing them to advocate for themselves with tracked evidence.


  • Average total annual health care costs of endometriosis amount to £8,353 per person.
  • This accounts for a total of £4 billion of direct health care costs.
  • 58% of endometriosis sufferers visited their GP 10 times, that accounts for over £341 million in GP appointments alone (average GP visit cost £39.23).
  • The cost of going to A&E is £77-£359. 21% of endometriosis suffers visited doctors in hospital 10 times or more (cost of £149 million) 53% went to A&E (£173 million); 27% went to A&E three or more times (£275 million).
  • Joii aims to drive down diagnosis times in accordance with the government’s commitment to reduce average diagnosis times with targets of 4 years or less by 2025, and a year or less by 2030.
  • Joii aims to drive down number of GP and consultant appointments (to three by 2025) as well associated costs (savings of £239 million).
  • Joii is committed to addressing health disparities for black, Asian and minority ethnic people with endometriosis.
  • Joii is committed to driving awareness to overcome the taboo of talking about periods and ensure all adolescents understand what a ‘normal’ period is and when to seek help.