John Tristan Pahuyo

John Tristan Pahuyo

Link Informatics Nurse

Barts Health NHS Trust

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2020 Bio: As a link Nurse in Informatics, John’s main role involves clinical and professional leadership in supporting and engaging nursing and allied health staff throughout the implementation, enhancement and optimisation phase in digitisation of paper nursing documentation. He acts as a link between the ICT team and the nursing workforce. He maps out clinical workflows and ensures integration of nursing perspectives in translating clinical requirements into digital solutions. John works with stakeholders and subject matter experts in ensuring acceptance and understanding of clinical system usage within the Trust, making sure it aligns with the nursing strategic goals of the organisation. On a site wide perspective, he manages a team of super users and champions, whilst working with ward managers and senior nurses to ensure that the use of clinical systems is embedded as part of the standard workflow within the clinical areas.

Read John’s blog where he writes about his reasons for applying for the Digital Pioneer Fellowship programme, how COVID-19 has impacted his role and his perspective on the impact it has had on the NHS more widely.

Digital Pioneer Fellowship project summary: They went live with implementation of ward based documentation ten months ago. Because of the pandemic there has been cross site staff movement to fill in staffing gaps. Because the Intensive care unit is still using paper documentation, redeployed Nurses had to adapt to a non-digital workflow.

To re-establish the digital workflow, they have identified an organisation wide minimum dataset that a ward-based nurse is expected to fill in per shift. The dataset contains assessments that are fundamental to daily nursing care. Recognising the transformational role of superusers, John created a ward digital capability database wherein they document staff readiness in completing the minimum dataset.

For oversight on performance and compliance, he created a tool for ward managers that would give them a snapshot of the wards performance in terms of dataset completion.

At the interim, this has to be completed manually whilst waiting for the queries to be automated.

To streamline the workflow, they are in the process of enhancing a functionality in the current build of their clinical system. Once completed, this will allow the minimum dataset to be in one single section within the patient record. Enabling seamless data capture and review.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: The project is implemented across the entire Barts health organisation. Barts is composed of four hospitals with a total of 2103 bed capacity and at least 6500 clinical staff.

Goal(s) for the programme: To further improve his leadership skills that would help him sell change in the fluid landscape of digitisation.

To diversify and cultivate an advantageous network. Exchange ideas and gain insight from peers and industry leaders.

To become more future focused and be able to pivot into an agile mindset.