NHS problem

A national survey of the UK’s Emergency Departments found that up to 70% of nighttime attendances and 40% of daytime attendances are caused by alcohol (4). The economic impact is vast: preventable alcohol-related conditions cost the NHS an estimated £3.5bn each year. It also has a still-more severe impact on A&E departments; drunk patients are difficult to deal with and staff fear abuse – A&E staff reported over 70,000 physical and verbal attacks in 2016.

The solution

Jitai is a digital therapeutics start up, making cutting-edge science and technology accessible to both consumers and clinicians. We support individuals who want to change harmful behaviours and selfmanage chronic health conditions, via predictive models generated by machine learning. Our first product is a mobile application which helps users beat cravings and quit drinking.


Across our prototypes and MVPs, we have delivered 15,000 therapeutic sessions, such as mindfulness and breathing exercises, designed to help people beat the temptation to drink alcohol.

At current, we have 653 users with a 84.3% weekly retention rate.  This is organic growth with no marketing spend.

After a four-week pilot study:

  • 90% of users said the app had helped them cut down or quit drinking.
  • 93% of users said they would recommend the app to family or friend looking to cut down or quit.
  • On average, users reduced their drinking days, total number of units across the week and maximum daily units by over 50% after the first week.