Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Senior Programme Manager

Good Thinking

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2020 Bio: As a Senior Programme Manager, Jessica leads the on-going service development of Good Thinking; London’s Digital Mental Wellbeing service. The service brings together resources for people in London focussed around the four common mental health conditions; anxiety, stress, low mood and sleep. This includes content development (particularly in relation to COVID-19 and as they continue to address inequalities), marketing, monitoring of data, website development and roll out to public sector organisations. Her responsibility is to ensure the programme as a whole is running to time and budget, as well as working in an agile way responding to emerging needs and priorities.

Digital Pioneer Fellowship project summary: The specific project Jessica will be focussing on through the fellowship is the expansion of the service to children and young people. Prior to COVID-19, the service was adult only. They started to develop and publish content for children and young people (CYP), parents and carers when lockdown first happened and subsequently were awarded funding from the Greater London Authority to formally expand the service. This will include further development of specific content (to include written content, podcasts, animations, videos), development of the website (which will be user tested) and the assessment and on-boarding of apps to support CYP. All of this will be done working with the programme team, clinical leads, user group, digital health ambassadors, Public Health England Behavioural Insights Team and external partners in comms, app assessment, copywriting, design and web development.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: The programme wants to support as many as possible of the 2.2 million people in London that are under 18, although the expansion will initially focus on over 13 year-olds. Good Thinking has had a total of 430,000 users since it has launched. They hope to increase this reach by focussing on this wider age range.

Goal(s) for the programme: Successful expansion of Good Thinking to children and young people to include content, apps and an easy to navigate web platform. This will be driven and evaluated by user feedback and website analytics.