Jean-Luc Sorak

Co-founder of Bordercross Health


Jean-Luc, a Principal Software Engineer at the BBC co-founded Bordercross Health with two doctors who experienced the problems that healthcare organisations faced managing their technology first hand.

In his role as CTO, he heads up all aspects of building Bordercross Health’s SaaS platform, leveraging his engineering experience in broadcast and travel-tech organisations, consulting and freelance.

Jean-Luc has long been an advocate for neurodiverse individuals in the technology industry, leaning on his own experience being dyslexic and dyspraxic which presented a multitude of barriers throughout his education and career.

Health systems are struggling globally with increased elderly populations, rising multimorbidity and a provider side workforce crisis. This is particularly pronounced in the UK primary care sector, where practice’s are struggling to keep pace with the evolving requirements of modern health organisations.

A typical primary healthcare provider has evolved to use at least 20 pieces of software, this number is likely to rise given a surge in new health tech products and advances in artificial intelligence. In addition, from user research, primary care leadership were also struggling to track the myriad of products relating to business utilities and other core business function.

Practices have no tool to manage contracts and business dependencies they are responsible for, creating significant organisational risk, and stifling innovation.

Bordercross Health provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to manage all key contracts in a collaborative way, to save managerial time, reduce organisational risk, and save money. The platform provides a contract builder and manager features, a product catalogue and community insights, enabling practices to learn from each other.

The platform launched in February 2024 with 5 primary care organisations, spread across 3 primary care networks and covering 50, 000 patients, signing up in the first week. The team plan to have onboarded 100 organisations by mid-year.