Jasjit Singh Syan

Clinical Research Fellow 

West Middlesex University Hospital

Biography: Jasjit is a cardiology registrar in training at West Middlesex University Hospital. He has already collaborated with the team to develop and subsequently implement two virtual ward pathways.

He is enthusiastic about the rapid advancements in technology, particularly in relation to its application in medical practice and the potential it has to enhance patient health and improve outcomes. Jasjit has a desire to contribute to the field of cardiology and, therefore, he is pursuing a PhD in Digital Health to allow him to engage in research, innovation, and advancements in patient care. He is confident that this program will provide the platform for him to make meaningful contributions and achieve his long-term career goals.

Horizon Fellowship project summary: Throughout Jasjit’s research, he’ll be working with staff to understand their perspectives on technology. Jasjit would like to take the opportunity of the Horizon Fellowship to understand how he can support junior colleagues on the wards to be involved in innovation and raise awareness of the many projects happening across the Trust with the knock-on effect of improving uptake and adoption.

Jasjit endeavors to facilitate an environment where junior colleagues on the wards are encouraged and empowered to contribute to innovative activities. This not only bolsters their professional growth but also augments the overall innovative capacity of the organisation.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: Currently this project will be run in two surgical wards which has approximately 60 patients at any one time and 40 staff in total who work on different shifts, ranging from nursing team, health care assistants and doctors.

Goal(s) for time on the Horizon Fellowship programme: Jasjit’s primary objective in joining the fellowship is to engage and collaborate with like-minded individuals and to develop leadership skills to enhance his ability to effectively promote change through people-management. He is excited about the networking opportunities in order to exchange experiences and broaden his perspectives.