James Woolley

James Woolley

Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist

Liaison Psychiatry Department at Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Biography: James is the Liaison Psychiatrist for a specialist oncology Trust split across two sites (Chelsea and Sutton). He works with mental health nurses and psychologists to identify and treat new and existing mental health conditions, especially those impeding access to cancer investigations or treatment, with a focus on optimising patients’ quality of life.

South West London ICL Digital Pioneer Fellowship project summary: To explore the ideal format in which to create and deliver digital video avatar information resources for patients and staff. This would include finding ideal ways to integrate these resources into existing digital treatment patient flows and increase visibility and acceptance amongst staff (including non-mental health professionals).

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: Patients: 400. Staff: 500.

Goal(s) for time on the South West London ICL Digital Pioneer Fellowship: James aims to implement new patient information resources on mental health topic areas, delivered by digital avatars, as a resource to signpost patients and staff when building awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health conditions.