James McEntee

Senior Clinical Design Fellow

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Biography: James McEntee is an Intensive Care doctor who combines clinical experience with design acumen. Formalising this career niche with an MSc in Healthcare and Design(Imperial/Royal College of Art), James’professional journey extends beyond the realm of traditional medicine, delving into system and product development.

His passion lies at the intersection of healthcare and design, where he focuses on creating innovative, automation-driven solutions that allow clinicians to prioritise decision-making over administration. His work embodies a commitment to improving healthcare delivery with a need for design-thinking in medical practice.

James’ current projects include a novel flavour delivery device, a multimedia teaching programme and an MDT focused knowledge hub. Outside his clinical work, James is an avid ‘maker’ with a broad skills base including metal work, brewing, video making and letterpress printing.

Horizon Fellowship project summary: ICU single point of knowledge (SPoK) revolutionises staff onboarding and information accessibility within Intensive care units. As navigating internal systems often poses challenges to new staff, ICU SPoK alleviates this by serving as a centralised hub for all ICU staff members. It streamlines access to critical information, fostering seamless integration into the team and enhanced performance particularly in ICUs with diverse multidisciplinary teams and complex patients. Through its innovative integration, ICU SPoK aspires to be the go-to repository of knowledge for all team members, amplifying clinical efficiency.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: 50 Staff members.

Goal(s) for time on the Horizon Fellowship programme: 

  1. Cultivate a professional network to help improve access for clinicians to develop digital healthcare project.
  2. Acquire in-depth understanding and insights into digital healthcare on a national scale.
  3. Develop ICU SPoK as an adaptable, user-curated solution to knowledge sharing within the ICU.