Jacqui Harrison

Jacqui Harrison

Transformation Lead – Information Management and Technology Programmes

Barking Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust

2020 Bio: Jacqui is a former Registered Nurse who moved into a Project Nurse role when a computerised care planning tool was being introduced. She has a proven track record in leading on clinical engagement for a number of IT Projects successfully deployed across the organisation.

Jacqui is currently a Transformation Lead for the deployment of Clinical Systems supporting staff to adopt new IT Systems and understand their value to patient care. She has strong relationships with Divisional Teams, clinicians, corporate teams and the wider Information Management and Technology (IM&T) team. With the goal of supporting the delivery of an effective and innovative Electronic Patient Record solution that underpins patient care and is used to its optimum throughout the organisation to enhance patient outcomes and support patient flow.

Jacqui believes that Digital Transformation is a crucial enabler to improve the outcome of patient care.

Read Jacqui’s blog where she discusses her journey of deploying Careflow Connect, a secure and mobile clinical communications and collaboration system designed to facilitate faster and safer care co-ordination. 

Digital Pioneer Fellowship project summary: The deployment of ‘Careflow Connect’ which will improve patient care by improving communication between clinicians, focused on inpatient care.

Careflow Connect provides secure and integrated communication enabling care teams to work across hospital care and community care. The in your pocket functionality can be accessed from a clinician’s own mobile phone providing secure messaging and event driven care such as task management and alerts to ensure multi-disciplinary teams co-ordinate care more effectively and will as a result support our 24/7 model.

The other functionality that will benefit patient care is:

– The messaging functionality enables both team and private conversations, as well as picture and file sharing. With read receipts that confirm when a message has been sent, delivered and read

– The individuals status lets you know if somebody is on or off duty and their availability.

– Team-based patient referrals with shared team updates

– Team-based patient lists

– Shared handover lists, enabling continuous and fast updates between the team and across shifts and across sites

– Team-based task management enabling tasks to be raised quickly, shared and assigned effectively amongst the team

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: All Staff will use an element of the functionality when it has been deployed Trust wide.

All patients requiring patient care will be impacted by this project. This will be expanded to Emergency Care when Careflow ED is deployed

Goal(s) for the programme: Improve Communication between colleagues and patients which in-turn will improve patient health outcomes and improve patient satisfaction

Provide a secure platform for clinicians to discuss their patients from an inpatient perspective which will optimise patients outcomes and lead to a faster, safe discharge.