Insource delivers enterprise scale data infrastructures to organisations in highly-regulated environments with complex and disparate data. Developed for complex markets and proven in healthcare, their software is built, managed and maintained using state of the art automation, common standards, open systems and architectures. These solutions deliver long term, improved cost effectiveness, unparalleled accuracy and regulatory compliance – in a progressively digitised environment.

Insource design, build and maintain enterprise scale data management solutions that are precision-built and highly engineered. Their advanced automation and low code / no code development environments provide highly efficient development lifecycles and failsafe architectures to deliver higher quality, more functionally-rich systems that are more easily maintainable than is possible with conventional development technologies. This enables organisations that rely on complex, disparate data (as is classic in healthcare) to use highly sophisticated software solutions, with all the necessary functionality to completely automate the gathering, managing and sharing of their data and information.