Ibex Medical Analytics

NHS problem

Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. These diagnoses produce millions of tissue biopsies, each requiring meticulous review by a pathologist. The shortage of pathologists in the UK, coupled with an increasing number of cancer cases in the aging population and rapid advances in personalized medicine that resulted in increases in the complexity of pathology diagnostics have led to overwhelming workloads imposed on NHS pathology services, potential delays in diagnosis and treatment, as well as concerns over diagnostic quality. This situation has underscored the need for new tools that enable pathologists to more efficiently and accurately view and analyze tissue samples.

The solution

Ibex transforms cancer diagnosis by harnessing unique artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology at an unprecedented scale. The company’s AI solutions detect cancer in real-time, enabling 100% quality control, while also helping pathologists reduce turnaround times. Installed in labs worldwide as part of everyday clinical practice, Ibex’s Galen™ platform uses strong-AI algorithms and routinely detects misdiagnosed and mis-graded cancers in digitized slides, guiding pathologists to areas of cancer in support of a prompt review.


  • Ibex increases accuracy at pathology labs by using AI-based decision support to focus pathologists’ attention on the cases with higher probability of being cancerous and using AI-based quality control on 100% of cases (currently, quality control is performed randomly on 0-10% of cases)
  • Ibex helps reduce the average time pathologists spend on cases, reduce costs and shorten processing times