Hippo Labs Ltd

NHS Problem:

The NHS is under higher pressures and demands than ever before. With increasing workloads and expectations, GP Practices are struggling to care for their patients in the ways that they want to. Proactive care is about keeping people well and focuses on prevention rather than cure. If done well, proactive care can help practices reduce workload and improve outcomes for patients. However, current systems and processes for proactive care are inefficient and ineffective–they involve significant manual effort and end up wasting time for patients, admin staff and clinicians.


The Hippo Recaller helps practices more efficiently and effectively carry out proactive care for patients. We streamline proactive care in three key stages:

  1. IntelligentAnalysis–we automatically calculate which patients need what care and suggest the optimum appointment combination.
  2. Automated invites–we send layered communications to invite patients to self-book, minimising the need for manual intervention.
  3. Manual ‘mop-up’–we give the practice clear, consolidated lists of remaining patients who need a human touch to ensure no patient is left behindThe platform comes with deep-dive analytics (incl. QOF tracking) and full transparency/control for practices.


To date, we’ve sent almost 100,000 recalls to patients, saving significant time and effort for practices. We’ve helped improve patient outcomes in areas such as flu, cervical smears, and diabetes. This year, we’re excited to work across all proactive care targets in QOF/IIF and help a larger number of practices to automate/streamline their entire target management system.