Fatema-Zahra El Rhermoul


Head of Transformation

Strategy and Transformation at South West London Integrated Care Board

Biography: Fatema-Zahra is an Allergy and Clinical Immunology Registrar, working around a variety of allergies ranging from food and drugs to pollen. She also manages patients with immunodeficiency. Born and raised in Morocco, Fatema-Zahra completed her studies in the USA before relocating to the UK, giving her a unique perspective on a diverse range of healthcare systems.

South West London ICL Digital Pioneer Fellowship project summary: As allergy is a niche field, most patients have never met an allergist before. The aim is to design videos explaining common diagnoses and what is done in the clinic. This would be an easily accessible platform that patients and family members can access, including explanatory video animations to supplement patient information leaflets, improving understanding of rare and complex allergic conditions.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: Patients: 200. Staff: 40.

Goal(s) for time on the South West London ICL Digital Pioneer Fellowship: Fatema-Zahra aims to ultimately promote the digitalisation of the NHS by learning from like-minded peers and mentors. She is keen to engage with hands-on projects to learn skills that help navigate the complexities of digital transformation and develop her leadership skills.