NHS problem

40% of the UK adult population are inactive and 30% of UK adults have at least one long term medical condition. There is a huge volume of evidence, and a global consensus, that prescribed physical activity should be used to both prevent and help manage these conditions. In addition to this, there has been a shock of unknown proportions to health and care services (especially exercise groups) from COVID-19 which has led to an increased burden on the health system and exercise groups being unable to provide face to face services.

The solution

Developed by physiotherapists, EXi analyses user’s health and prescribes a personalised physical activity plan, which is set to each individual’s needs. It can also specifically target any number of 23 chronic health conditions, helping to both prevent and manage these conditions whilst following medical guidelines.


The programme can provide a more scalable intervention than current face-to-face care (and is much cheaper), will deliver more data to inform care, and can be considered as a digital therapeutic with expectations to change health outcomes. A clinical pilot study showed that a 12-week EXi intervention will improve all of the metrics being studied (e.g. resting heart rate, blood pressure, BMI, abdominal circumference), and the biggest impact is demonstrated when working with clinical teams who monitor patient data (and can contact people who may not be engaging with exercise).