Emma Selby

Emma Selby

Please note that this page was last updated in 2018. Visit Emma’s LinkedIn profile for more information.

Emma Selby, Clinical Nurse Specialist, EWMHS West Essex Hub and NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

Digital Pioneer Fellowship project: Identify if AI can build emotional resilience skills in adolescents

Working with AI company WYSA to look at how we can embed the technology in secondary schools and universities across Essex to achieve Early Intervention across Essex. This project is designed to review and establish if AI can be a suitable alternative for building emotional resilience skills in adolescents.

Emma Selby is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the North East London Foundation Trust. She is recognised as a digital pioneer for her work in creating the MindFresh app (previously known as My Mind), which is designed to improve access to resources and communication for children and young people accessing mental health services.

Users can create profiles and link them together, helping to build rapport and giving patients more power over their recovery journey. Care plans and crisis plans can be uploaded to the account so they are more accessible to young people. Using the MindFresh development as our digital foundation we are now developing secondary digital delivery options to imbed digital as a core therapeutic alliance in Mental Health. Currently we have just begun to work on our development of automated online self-referral systems with BOT based technology and the use of big Data to inform referral patterns and systems so that we may develop an online training suite aimed at colleagues and refers to improve knowledge of digital based early intervention and a digitally enabled resilient community.

Emma is the winner of the Nursing Times Rising Star award 2014 and the Nursing Times Data and Technology in nursing award winner 2017. She is also one of the faces of the Warrior Women campaign championing inspirational role models for young girls. Since developing MindFresh she has gone on to be a regular conference speaking and a consultant and entrepreneur in digital health care design for the NHS.