Health Toolbox

NHS problem

The NHS is facing a significant problems with staff induction and staff retention. Doctors and other healthcare professionals frequently rotate jobs between hospitals. This rotation causes a significant financial burden for hospitals, as they must hire locum staff to cover the vacant positions and also leads to a 6% increase in patient mortality. The CQC requirements that a trust prepares a doctor to be able to do their job are not always met.

With 54,000 doctors in training in the UK, the transition to hospital can be overwhelming and daunting, especially when junior doctors spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to complete common tasks rather than being able to focus on patient care and their education needs.

The solution

A solution to this problem is Health Toolbox, a platform designed to provide a safe induction for healthcare professionals. It acts like a Wikipedia for how to get things done in hospitals, going beyond the traditional static and boring two-day induction process by providing crowdsourced information through a website and mobile app. It includes guidelines, hospital-specific knowledge, and videos. It can save 1 hour per doctor per day and could save each hospital £200,000 per year in lost productivity and staff retention.