Dave Fokum

Dave Fokum Horizon Fellow

Data Warehouse Developer

Chelsea Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Biography: Dave is currently serving as a member of a small team, tasked with loading and maintaining over a thousand SQL Server tables. The tables form the base layer for operational and statutory reporting. The team’s cloud-based solution is in its infancy and they are looking to grow with it, with the aspiration to return more benefits to those who rely on their service.

Horizon Fellowship project summary: Dave would like to contribute towards the development of an early warning system for organ failure by:

  • Setting up a virtual machine and granting access to collaborators
  • Identifying Event Codes for relevant patient parameters
  • Building a reliable conduit to extract, transform and load a structured data secondary database
  • Installing and running a machine learning algorithm

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: Approximately 20 patients per day in Chelsea Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. If successful, this number will grow depending on the number of clients who subscribe for the service.

Goal(s) for time on the Horizon Fellowship programme: Dave’s goals for the Fellowship are to build his Machine Learning skills and develop his public speaking skills. Additionally, he is looking forward to working with a mentor who will provide him with extrinsic motivation to push himself, and he also aims to carve out dedicated learning time from his working days.