CyberLiver Ltd

NHS Problem:

Liver Disease has witnessed a staggering 400% increase in fatalities since 1970, imposing an annual cost of over £3.5 billion on the NHS with an estimated one million Cirrhosis patients (Lancet) and 760,989 individuals dependent on alcohol. The numbers continue to increase as there are no effective pharmacological therapies to halt or reverse the progression of the disease. The current care pathways are reactive and not scalable, failing to manage complications early in the community leading to 40% of acute hospital readmissions within four weeks of discharge, increasing burden on NHS. CyberLiver aims to tackle these challenges using digital technologies 


CyberLiver has developed a Platform-as-medical-device that enables building digital therapeutic solutions for various indications of liver disease. The company currently has assembled “AlcoChange” for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and alcohol related liver disease (ARLD) and “CirrhoCare” for managing decompensated cirrhosis.  

AlcoChange consisting of App, Breathalyser and Clinician dashboard is intended to increase abstinence and reduce alcohol use in patients with AUD and ARLD by providing personalised behavioural therapy using proprietary Behaviour Change Model and Techniques.  

CirrhoCare consisting of App, sensors (ECG, BP, weight) and clinician dashboard is intended to deliver early interventions for the decompensated cirrhosis complications detected/predicted by CyberLiver proprietary algorithms.  


CirrhoCare – The results from 40 patients clinical study demonstrated 38% reduction in hospital re-admissions, 80% reduction in day-hospital ascites drains, 69% reduction in ITU length of stay, improved CLIF-C-AD and MELD scores resulting in disease severity reduction and 85% patient engagement impacting positively on healthcare costs and patient’s quality of life.  

AlcoChange – The results from 60 patients clinical study demonstrated 28% reduction in hospital re-admissions, 63% reduction in alcohol consumption, 63% patient engagement impacting positively the healthcare costs and patient’s quality of life.  

CirrhoCare and AlcoChange could potentially save NHS between £700 to £900 million over next 5-7 years.