Chantelle McDonald

Commissioning and Contracts Officer

Adult Social Care and Health at Croydon Council

Biography: As the manager in charge of Tec-related contracts and services, Chantelle oversees the procurement of software packages for the ASC department in Croydon. She stays current with the latest digital trends and markets to ensure she is well-equipped to carry out her duties. Chantelle manages telecare monitoring providers and works closely with other SWL groups to foster collaboration. Her experience in commissioning a diverse range of ASC services has equipped her with the skills necessary to manage contracts with various ASC providers. One of her main responsibilities is to monitor performance and ensure that contractual obligations are met.

South West London ICL Digital Pioneer Fellowship project summary: The goal is to improve ASC services’ readiness for digitalisation, demonstrate its benefits, and secure a telecare monitoring agreement to advance Croydon’s telecare industry and digital requirements for better services.

Estimated number of patients / staff impacted by the project: Patients: 3000. Staff: 50.

Goal(s) for time on the South West London ICL Digital Pioneer Fellowship: Chantelle aims to develop new project management skills and a project plan to get Croydon digitally on track. She also intends to produce stronger business cases for change, network with peers in the field, and absorb learnings from mentors while defining her digital vision and developing implementation plans.