Blinx Healthcare

NHS Problem: 

Health inequalities are rising as our population continues to grow and diversify, and workforces are shrinking. Despite the rising demands and complexities, Primary Care providers are still operating with traditional healthcare platforms, which fail to fully address the needs of the patients and bridge the patient experience gap. Naturally this places a greater strain on services, and in specific demographic areas, this problem is far greater.

Primary care providers need to be efficient and effective in how they handle patient experiences, and relying solely on traditional approaches to healthcare management is no longer a viable to meet the escalating demand.


Blinx Solutions Ltd (Blinx Healthcare) was founded in 2014 and has a successful record of developing cloud-based, applications for various global industries.   

In 2021 it developed a Cloud-Based SaaS product,  PACO  (Patient And Care Optimiser), a digital solution for healthcare professionals in Primary Care. 

PACO is a fully integrated platform that includes features such as Analytics, Digital Communications, Health Forms, Digital Front-door, Patient Self-Booking and Virtual/mobile Consultations. 

The platform is compliant with NHS data standards, security and compliance requirements and we aim to support the transition to proactive-preventative care to alleviate the stresses faced by the UK healthcare system. 


Since launching in October 2022, we have grown the number of practices we have deployed our product to and in our main practices we have saved over 26,000 minutes since February, through campaigns and patients self-booking (reducing demands on phone lines by empowering patients)

We have engaged multiple non-responding patients through our Patient translation for appointments and reduced the DNA rate from patients by over 80% on all PACO campaigns thanks to our intelligent reminders and re-scheduling capability for patients.