NHS problem

Around 20% of beds in hospitals are occupied by older adults. This number could be significantly lowered if risk factors were acted on early. For example falls and urinary tract infections could be prevented with appropriate early action.

Older adults’ discharge from hospital is often delayed, creating the “bed blocking” phenomenon, which amounts to £500M per year of extra NHS costs. The NHS could save £150M per year if care at home was better coordinated and more preventive.

The solution

Birdie believes that older people deserve to age with confidence in the comfort of their own homes. It uses digital products, home connected devices, and machine learning to help the care community deliver better, preventative care, so that patients can live at home for longer, feeling healthier and happier.


Using Birdie leads to earlier detection of health issues, lower hospital admission rates, and savings associated with these for the NHS and the social care services.

  • Birdie supports care professionals with a suite of digital products to record care notes, time sheets and medication electronically. This saves time, and supports compliance to deliver better, safer care
  • Home connected devices allow carers to check up on patients, whilst the care companion app helps track visitors, status reports, and actions taken

Birdie’s machine learning detects health issues before they worsen, or crises if they do, and a dedicated telecare centre takes action if necessary