Anna Muñoz Farré

Founder of Punto Health


I am an engineer originally from Barcelona. After joining the biomechanics lab at my university, I discovered my true passion – using technology to improve medical care— so I ended up specialising in Biomedical Engineering. I have been working at the intersection of technology and medicine ever since, and it is the best decision I ever made.

When my grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and later Lewy body dementia, I witnessed the toll it took on him and my grandmother as his main carer. This sparked my mission to transform care for neurodegenerative conditions and cognitive decline.

While dementia care has improved, clinical teams often lack capacity for comprehensive support. Patients need more personalised help to stay independent at home, and families struggle to coordinate fragmented systems.

The opportunity for technology to revolutionise cognitive care models is enormous, with my parents’ generation as the new cohort of patients. With my background in AI and clinical data, I started Punto Health to connect patients, carers and healthcare professionals through a personalised platform – providing a trusted companion from early detection to advanced Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

As a female founder in a male-dominated sector, I actively seek to improve gender representation and inclusion. I co-founded and led an internal Gender Network at my previous company (BenevolentAI), and aim to continue this effort with Punto. Raising visibility is key, so initiatives like Leap make a huge difference. I was honoured to be awarded Upcoming Woman in STEM 2022 by the Catalan Government. I hope my journey inspires younger generations of women to pursue careers in STEM fields, and motivate girls to envision themselves in leadership roles.

Finally, launching a startup in the UK’s relationship-driven health sector has been a learning curve, but it motivates me to bring an outsider’s perspective. The Leap Programme will be invaluable through mentoring and connecting with founders in the space.

I want to advance Punto’s mission while fostering an inclusive environment for diverse innovators. Join me in the dementia care revolution!