DigitalHealth.London acts as a bridge between NHS and industry reports FT

“Health tech entrepreneurs are not short of great ideas in the UK and in fact there is a lot of support for innovation from government funding to incubators,”  says Sinead Mac Manus from the Health Foundry, in an article published today in the FT on how UK healthcare innovators are struggling to sell to the NHS.

The article goes on to explain how DigitalHealth.London can provide help and support by acting “as a bridge between the NHS and industry” and assist start-ups through NHS purchasing decisions.

Yinka Makinde, Programme Director at DigitalHealth.London says, “The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme teaches companies how to work  with the NHS and produce the evidence needed to get their ideas taken seriously. DigitalHealth.London also has partnerships with countries such as U.S and Israel and advises foreign companies how to approach the UK market.”

Read the full article article in the FT here.