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The Week – 11th July – 15th July

Yinka Makinde
Yinka Makinde is Programme Director for DigitalHealth.London

As well as SME’s and clinical entrepreneurs, DigitalHealth.London is well placed to support and work with larger corporates, to assist them in navigating the NHS and/ or identifying target partners [smaller innovator companies] to collaborate and partner with. We had the privilege of presenting the DH.L vision and offer to some of the members of EMIG [Ethical Medicines Industry Group]. Digital health technology used effectively by pharma can increase patient activation and engagement channelling investment into one or more of the following enabling areas. 1) Clinical tools, 2) Smart devices, 3) Patient tools, 4) Customer insights, 5) Commissioner/ sponsor analytics or 6) Community & personalised content. Pharma can use digital health technology to leverage their deep disease expertise and marketing capabilities. A great example of this, often quoted is MSD for Mothers, a $500 million 10 year commitment programme by MSD which delivers a combination of digital interventions to mothers in 30 countries  including India, Senegal, Uganda, the U.S., and Zambia. This programme aims to expand expectant and new mothers’ access to affordable, quality care.

The same advice that we give to SME’s can be applied to pharma companies. Start with the problem first, the technology comes second. Get closer to you patients and source more specific information about your customers to identify the solutions and experiences—not just the products and drugs.

Yinka Makinde