Digital Pioneer Spotlight: Nadine Haram

nadinehThis is the first in our new series of Spotlights on the 2016/17 NHS Digital Pioneer Award nominees. 

Nadine Haram is an NHS Surgeon, UCL Honorary Clinical Lecturer, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur and the Founder of Proximie

Proximie is an augmented reality platform that allows doctors to virtually transport themselves into any operating room or clinic to guide, train, teach and support other surgeons and medical experts independent of any specific hardware. The platform allows remote “hands on” virtual assistance and effectively enables a remote surgeon to virtually “scrub-in”.

“Proximie was born from a need to provide the most cutting edge digital technology in a simple, practical, powerful and cost-effective way. Augmented reality is fast becoming a relevant player in the healthcare industry but the access to it, and to the often associated wearable technology , is still cost and bandwidth prohibitive.

“We were able to build a platform which was cost effective, HIPAA and N3 compliant, and could integrate with various medical record systems and hardware. We believe that this technology will improve the quality of surgical care, while simultaneously increasing access for the people who need it most.”

For more on Proximie and Nadine Haram, look out for the full case study coming soon to the newsletter.