Digital Pioneer: GP Dr Kartik Modha

Kartik Modha is a GP at Friern Barnet Medical Centre, Co-Founder and CEO of, and Founder of Tiko’s GP Group. He is also a DigitalHealth.London 2016 Digital Pioneer for Innovation. is an online resource to help GPs and patients find peer-recommended specialists. It aggregates clinical recommendations into a single search interface to help people find the most clinically appropriate specialist for their particular healthcare needs.

“There was no ready-made solution for aggregating clinical recommendations, and an audit I performed at my training practice showed how out of date paper lists and documents held in GP practices could become,” explains Kartik, “Our IT consultant explained that the recommendations could be stored in a centralised online database and relevant information simplified into specialist profiles which could be freely searched by GPs and patients, and I created .” The site also hosts regular education and networking events to build community ties between primary and secondary care clinicians.

Kartik has also founded Tiko’s GP Group (TGG), a GP/GPST-only Facebook.

“Understanding how GPs could communicate asynchronously with each other led me to explore the various social media platforms available at the time. Most of my colleagues were already on Facebook, and it had robust administrator options to manage new member requests and group posts,” he adds.