Digital Pioneer: GP Dr Anshumen Bhagat

anshu-head-shotAnshumen Bhagat is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer at GPDQ, the team behind the UK’s first on-demand app for GP visits, and a 2016 Digital Pioneer for Innovation.

GPDQ was founded in 2015 to provide affordable, high quality healthcare through the use of technology, connecting patients with available GPs in their area for a consultation at their home, hotel or office within an average of 90 minutes. It books and tracks GPs via Smartphone, allows for 25-minute consultations and includes a 2-hour prescription delivery service. It is currently available in and around Central London and Birmingham, with plans to launch in six new cities in 2017.

“We want to create a better healthcare experience for millions of patients every month,” explains Anshumen, “Data shows that more and more people are choosing to pay for a GP appointment at a private clinic. People want an affordable, prompt and clinically sound service that connects them to a doctor at their time of choosing. We use modern digital technology to facilitate this.”