Cohort Six of the DigitalHealth.London Launchpad Announced

Today, DigitalHealth.London welcomes 23 digital health companies into Cohort 6 of its Launchpad programme. These pioneering innovators are in the initial stages of developing products or services with significant potential to revolutionise healthcare and address the prevailing challenges within the NHS and social care landscape.

The DigitalHealth.London Launchpad programme delivers comprehensive support to participants, spanning approximately 12 hours over 12 weeks. This includes immersive workshops covering essential areas such as NHS system intricacies, regulatory compliance, and evidence generation. Companies will also benefit from personalised 1:1 guidance and strategic advice via our team of subject matter experts and partners, who have firsthand NHS clinical and/or operational experience.

I am excited to start this 12-week journey with Cohort 6 of our Launchpad programme. The innovative technologies in this cohort have the potential to revolutionise healthcare, elevate patient outcomes, optimise workforce resources, and make significant improvements to both the NHS and social care. It is a privilege to support and guide the launch of these digital products, especially when the companies are so dedicated to transforming the health and care system.

Ruth Bradbury
Senior NHS Navigator at DigitalHealth.London

The 23 companies chosen for Cohort 6 of the DigitalHealth.London Launchpad are:


  • AIBODY builds powerful digital physiology models for the development of practical, high-impact digital twinning solutions in healthcare.

AUMI AI Limited

  • Leveraging AI, AUMI AI aims to drastically reduce radiologists’ workload in the NHS by improving the speed and precision of Chest and Abdominal CT scan readings.


  • Autsera’s VoxiPlay uses speech recognition technology to pinpoint a child’s specific struggles with words and phonemes, encourages them to practice speech independently in a gamified environment, allowing speech and language therapists to keep track of their progress and personalise the learning journey.

Chiron Digital Health Ltd

  • Using machine learning, Chiron is a new platform which recommends and delivers exactly the right self-management intervention for each person, based on their individual profile and health conditions.

Co.Lab (Co.Lab Education Ltd)

  • Co.Lab leads the charge in youth mental health, prioritising prevention through school psychoeducation and driving systemic change with its groundbreaking dual-aspect platform to promote collaboration between education and healthcare.

Coggi Technologies Limited

  • Coggi is a mobile application with an Augmented Reality (AR) chameleon that guides and accompanies children through gamified exercises to build mental resilience and wellbeing.


  • EMESO is a digital medicines safety platform, aiming to replace traditional solutions to improve clinical efficiency and safety.

GPAL AI Solutions Ltd

  • GPAL is a smart practice management software to help GP surgeries optimally look after their patient population.

Hibi Health Ltd

  • Hibi is a mobile app that equips families of children with developmental differences and health conditions to manage, coordinate and navigate care.

Hypothify Limited

  • Hypothify’s collaboration platform is an intuitive and efficient digital tool that helps healthcare professionals find and engage in research projects across their organisations.

JifJaff MyBotGP

  • Highly scalable and set up in hours, MyBotGP automated Normal Pathology Filing reviews, actions, files or filters results to clinicians and includes patient messaging capabilities.


  • MEGI is leveraging AI for transformative cardiovascular care, offering continuous support and precise diagnostics in a single platform.

MindLane Ltd

  • MindLane enhances mental therapist services with its domain-specific, large-language AI model, expediting issue resolution and ensuring effective and personalised therapeutic journeys for patients.

Ogma Therapy Ltd

  • Ogma harnesses the power of AI to give Speech and Language therapists superpowers, so they can increase their impact.

Praxium AI LTD

  • Praxium AI makes breast radiologists more productive via an AI copilot which helps them read, diagnose and report on mammograms.

Pyrexia Ltd

  • Pyrexia develops automated HR tools tailored for the healthcare sector.

Rootally AI

  • Rootally is an AI therapist that uses motion-tracking technology to treat musculoskeletal conditions and monitor progress.


  • Sanome’s AI-enabled clinical co-pilot supports clinicians in identifying patient health changes sooner.

StoriBoard (PH100 Ltd)

  • StoriBoard is an innovative platform connecting individuals with Experts by Experience for personalised physical and mental health support, transforming traditional care through a community-driven, lived experience-led marketplace.

Sympa Health

  • Sympa Health provides personalised, and AI-powered digital therapeutics solutions to patients suffering from women’s chronic conditions.  


  • Tycho MedLink aims to empower patients with cognitive impairments to improve their cognitive abilities and enhance clinicians in managing them more efficiently using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) powered app.


  • VitVio is an AI-driven platform that revolutionises the efficiency and safety of hospital operating theatres using advanced computer vision technology.

Wowment Ltd

  • Wowment is a technology platform that uses AI analysis to track progress in one-to-one interactions between beneficiaries and their supporters.

Stay tuned for updates on the April launch of these digital innovations, available on our website and through our social media channels.

The DigitalHealth.London Launchpad programme is funded by the UK Government via the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). It is delivered by the Health Innovation Network (HIN) South London in partnership with the Office of Life Sciences, CW+, Medicity, NHS England, the Mayor of London and the Levelling Up Fund.

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