Clinical Trials: What do SMEs need to know?

Clinical Trials: What do SMEs need to know?
For the first session in our Autumn Webinars series: ‘The Innovation Pathway’, we will be joined by Sharon Barret, Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Industry Operations Manager for National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network North Thames, one of three Clinical Research Networks (CRN) across London that specialise in supporting clinical trials between industry and NHS partners.

Clinical trials are an essential part of establishing an evidence base to demonstrate the effectiveness of your innovation in clinical practice. The area can be complex, but without solid supporting evidence behind your innovation it is unlikely that you will gain traction when you seek to deploy with the NHS.

The NIHR Clinical Research Network has a dedicated infrastructure that can assist innovators through the sometimes intricate research process, but there are certain steps small companies must take in order to be suitable for support from NIHR and to get themselves ready for clinical trials.

In this webinar, Sharon covers:

  • An introduction to NIHR CRN infrastructure
  • Ensuring that your company is eligible for NIHR support
  • Case studies of companies that have successfully engaged in clinical trials with the NHS