Chelsea and Westminster hospital to begin trial with DigitalHealth.London Accelerator company MeeTwo

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s patients will receive mental help peer support from MeeTwo, funded by the hospital’s charity CW+. The service will provide safe, fully moderated peer support to young patients undergoing physical or mental health treatment.

The four-month trial will evaluate the innovative, low cost digital peer support in providing useful emotional support to young people in a hospital setting. If the trial is successful, it will be shared with other hospitals. The Trust – one of the top ranked and top performing trusts in the UK – is one of London’s largest providers of children’s services, supporting over 80,000 young people each year. Their mental health services are closely connected with local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and other specialist children’s units in the area. 

Pippa Nightingale, Chief Nursing Officer at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and CAHMS lead at the Trust said,“As an organisation, we are dedicated to improving patient care and experience. Together with our charity CW+, we are excited to work with MeeTwo via the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme team, to test and scale this innovative, patient-centred technology to help our young patients,” 

The CW Innovation programme, led by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and CW+, officially launches in September to build on the Trust’s reputation and established track record as a test and scale environment, delivering targeted innovation projects that improve patient care, patient experience and operational efficiency.

About MeeTwo

MeeTwo is a multi-award winning, fully moderated, mental help app for young people aged 11-23. The peer support model enables young people to talk about difficult things, and to help themselves by helping each other. Reciprocity allows young people to transform their own difficult life experiences into useful advice for others. Peer support has been shown to improve quality of life, wellbeing, social networks, self-esteem and social functioning, alongside reductions in hospital admission rates and use of hospital emergency services. In July MeeTwo won the Tech4Good Connected Society and People’s Award. MeeTwo is featured on the NHS Apps Library and currently supports over 12,000 young people from across the UK.

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