Digital health company Aparito launches latest version of Atom 5 to support rare diseases

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator company Aparito, the leading provider of remote patient monitoring and digital health technology supporting rare diseases, has launched Atom 5, Helium edition, an updated version of its core app.

The update provides additional features to the Atom 5 app, including options to remind patients to record medication, events, Patient Reported Outcomes and visits on a daily basis. This allows it to deliver meaningful, relevant, and real-time data between patients and clinicians to support and enhance diagnosis, treatment and drug development.

Dr. Ian Radford, Aparito’s Chief Technology Officer said: “Helium is a huge leap forward in how the platform can now be set up to support any study design, for any disease or healthcare treatment pathway. Patient Reported Outcome questionnaires can be setup in minutes and configured to cope with different frequencies of distribution and responses. Further, the entire core system is 100% configurable. This allows the customer to select which dimensions of data they wish to capture and to specify exactly which individual fields are desirable. We also found time to add a new wearable device to the collection which now allows us to sample heart rate readings much more frequently.”

Atom 5 is already supporting a paediatric epilepsy study in Cape Town by collecting and analysing patient generated data as part of a treatment optimisation and precision medicine initiative. The project is supported by the Newton Fund and the South African Medical Research Council.

Notes to editors

  • Aparito provides a regulated software platform, including wearable devices and disease-specific mobile apps, to provide remote patient monitoring outside of the hospital environment. This delivers meaningful, relevant, and real-time data between patients and clinicians in a way that actively supports and enhances diagnosis, treatment and drug development. Patients are rapidly on-borded easily through a QR code
  • Aparito’s core offering is developed in accordance with the international standard ISO 13485 and received a CE mark for a Class 1 Medical Device from the European authorities
  • For more information, contact Siân Canty, Operations Manager at, 07977757667