30th April, 2020

We are delighted to be teaming up with the Health Innovation Network on this exciting Innovation Exchange event, Empowering Patients to Self-Manage, on Thursday 21 May 2020, 8.30-10.30am.

This interactive Webinar is bringing together Primary Care, Trusts, CCGs and innovators to explore solutions for empowering patients to self-manage their long-term conditions, mental health and wellbeing using digital solutions.

Our morning begins with a presentation from James Woollard of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust on the potential for self management platforms to support patients. Chris Gumble from NHS South West London CCG will share their experiences with the Diabetes Decathlon project and the collaboration with Accelerator company, Sweatcoin, an exercise incentivisation app. Alongside, Charlotte Lee, the Director of Big Health UK, will present lessons learnt whilst rolling out the digital self-care platform Sleepio, an Accelerator alumnus company, across the NHS.

Join key stakeholders from NHS providers and commissioners to learn about digital self-management solutions including:

• Online self-management tools for different health conditions;
• Virtual education for specific health conditions;
• Peer-led courses;
• Telephone support and telehealth; and
• Self-monitoring of medication and symptoms using digital technology.

Ten leading companies will be selected to each present a short pitch on how their solutions can help patients manage their conditions and play a more active role in their own healthcare decisions.

Health and Social Care professionals, contact Karla Richards, Project Manager for the Innovation Theme to secure your place.

Are you a company that would like to pitch?* Contact Karla Richards, Project Manager for the Innovation Theme for further details on how to be selected.

*please note the deadline for pitch submissions is 6 May.