Understanding demand

Are you NHS ready?

NHS readiness: Are you ready for the NHS challenge? In this podcast, Dr Guy Gross discusses the importance of stakeholder mapping and how businesses need to understand the complex pathways, demands, needs and priorities of multiple purchasers and stakeholders. NHS readiness is a process whereby companies understand whether they have a viable product and a customer to buy it. Companies that succeed tend to be open minded and willing to pivot their products.


The NHS is a marketplace, not a market

The NHS is a marketplace, not a market In this podcast Dr Guy Gross talks about the common misconception that the NHS is a single market. In reality it is a complex network of commissioning organisations. Companies need to understand the demand side and co design products with users.


Does your product fit into the clinical pathway?

Shirlene Oh, Director of Commerce at Imperial College Health Partners, shares her thoughts on how SMEs and start-ups can co-design and refine their offerings to ensure they are meeting specific needs in NHS clinical pathways. In the podcast, Demand Articulation: Knowing the Problem, Shirlene highlights some take away lessons for innovators – explaining how to demonstrate that a product responds to a need.


How does innovation ‘type’ impact on adoption and spread?

Healthcare innovations are diverse; from devices to digital apps and IT platforms, and workforce developments to patient pathways and models of care. Insight revealed in the independent NHS Innovation Accelerator evaluation report highlights how conditions for scaling can vary according to the nature – or ‘type’ of an innovation. In this podcast, How does innovation ‘type’ impact successful adoption and spread? Amanda Begley, Director of Innovation and Implementation at University College Health Partners, together with a panel of experts, examines the characteristics of scaling success stories, and reveal some of the shared conditions for innovation spread.


The spread challenge

The spread challenge: How to support the successful uptake of innovations and improvements in health care. This report highlights key recommendations for those involved in spreading health care improvement. Innovators should be trained in the various theoretical approaches that exist for describing innovations in ways that can better support those adopting an idea from elsewhere to adapt them for new contexts and should be part of the innovator’s ‘toolkit’.


Academic Health Science Networks

Academic Health Science Networks (you may also hear people talk about innovation exchanges) have unique cross-sector connections, which enable them to identify common challenges and quickly bring people and organisations together to develop, test and spread solutions. AHSNs speed up the spread of innovation, saving the NHS money, generating economic growth and getting technologies to more patients faster. Find a list of the 15 AHSNs across England and discover more about AHSN national programmes and priorities.

This AHSN video Bridging the Gap explains why it’s important to have a well prepared value proposition and budget impact model and how an innovation meeting with one of the AHSNs could help you prepare.


Imperial College Health Partners Innovation Tool

If you are a clinician, a small company or an academic researcher developing new medical devices or applications, ICHP’s free tool helps you identify where you are in your innovation journey.


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