24th June, 2019

Public Health England (PHE) is looking for a digital health company to test its new evaluation service, with the intention of publishing it as a case study.

The service has been developed in collaboration with academic evaluation experts and digital teams, to help digital health innovators better demonstrate the impact and cost-effectiveness of their products on public health. Its new evaluation service will launch as “Private Beta” in July, and will support innovators to build an evaluation strategy into their project from the start, helping them understand if their product has achieved its intended health outcomes.

Selection process

PHE will choose one team / company to carry out the test with process. They will be chosen on the basis of:

  • Previous evaluation experience
  • Potential impact of the product on health outcomes
  • Product stage
  • Willingness to provide feedback and be named in a case study

A team that has little evaluation experience, who are creating a digital product that has the potential to affect health outcomes will be prioritised.

If you’re interested please contact PHE directly with expressions of interest by 19 July 19 evaluation@phe.gov.uk

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