24th June, 2019

Public Health England (PHE) is working on a project to enable teams developing digital health products to better demonstrate the impact, cost-effectiveness and benefit of digital health products to public health. It’s developing an evaluation service, which supports product managers and the rest of their delivery team in building an evaluation strategy into their project from the start. The service helps teams understand if their digital health product has achieved its intended health outcomes.

What they need

Public Health England is looking for a digital team to work with us to test this new evaluation service. The service has been developed in collaboration with academic evaluation experts and digital teams, we are currently honing the training aspect of the evaluation service. 

As part of testing the service, we would like to gather feedback from the team and publish it as a case study. We would like the team to be named in this case study. 

What you get 

You have the opportunity to work with Public Health England to better understand the impact of you digital health products. Going through the evaluation process will allow you to better understand, measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your health product. 

The new evaluation process is specially designed for digital teams, so that evaluation of health outcomes can be considered and built in the digital product from the start.


Access to the evaluation prototype

The team will be able to access the evaluation toolkit, which gives a step-by-step guide to how to set up and carry out an evaluation. This will help the team to familiarise themselves with the evaluation process. 

Logic model support

PHE evaluation team and the team will carry out a logic model workshop together.  A logic model is a visual diagram that shows how a digital health product will work. It shows how things like inputs, outputs and activities relate to each other, and how these might produce certain health outcomes. A logic model allows the team to better understand their intended outcomes.

Indicators support

We will work together to identify the right indicators for your digital health project. An indicator is a measure that shows the impact of the intervention. Health indicators are measurable signs of the impact of your digital health intervention is having on people’s health and wellbeing.

Establishing the most appropriate indicators will help you to understand what impact your digital health intervention is having. Furthermore, understanding what you need to measure allows you to collect appropriate data through your intervention and/or start to identify other data sources you will need to access. 

Finally, understanding the impact will help you iterate the design of the intervention and better improve your intervention to meet chosen health outcomes.

Methods support

An evaluation method is a way of collecting data on the impact of a digital health intervention. It is useful to select the evaluation methods that are most appropriate to your indicators and outcomes, so you can collect the relevant data. We can work together to choose the best methods for your particular project, and give advice for carrying out these methods. 

Data analysis support

If your team gets to the state of need data analysis support, we can help to identify academic support and/or appropriate data analysis techniques.


The evaluation team would like access to the work that you do on evaluation, and feedback via a written form, as well as over the phone or face-to-face with our user researcher. We would also like to understand your current state in terms of evaluation, so we’ll ask some questions before the activities begin. 

We will also collect in-person feedback and document any workshops or training we do with you. This feedback will continually inform the design of the evaluation service.


This collaboration is part of the PHE Evaluation projects ‘Private Beta’. As such it will run from late July until late September (we will be able to provide more specific dates later).

Selection process

We would like to support one team to carry out the evaluation process. This team will be chosen on the basis of:

  • Your previous evaluation experience
  • The potential impact of your product on health outcomes
  • The stage the digital product is at
  • Willingness to provide feedback and be named in a case study

A team that has little evaluation experience, who are in a late development phase and who are creating a digital product that has the potential to affect health outcomes will be prioritised.

Apply here by 19th July: forms.gle/413nu7fJFu1eYL2d9

If you have any questions, please contact Bobak.Saadat@phe.gov.uk