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This year we launched our first Impact Report – Towards a Digital Future in the NHS – showing the work we do to support digital innovations and the outcomes and experiences for patients, since our inception. 

Often, we meet people who are unaware of the many different ways we can support them. Through our programmes and expert support, we can help you to gain insights, forge connections and get to your next stage of growth.

  • Are you an investor looking for your next opportunity in health and care?

  • Do you work in the NHS and have a challenge you are looking to overcome? 

  • Are you an innovative company looking to supply to the health and care sector? 

Take a look below for how we can support you and if you are interested in finding out more, get in touch with Yinka Makinde, Programme Director, DigitalHealth.London at 


The NHS is crying out for new technologies, to help support broader solutions to the enormous challenges being faced currently, which arise through health inequalities, an ageing population, increasing expectations on healthcare solutions and reductions in public finances. 

Online consultation tools, communication devices, self-management systems, diagnostic tools and digital therapeutics, are just some of the areas in which we support innovators to develop technologies to solve health and care challenges.  

We recognise that for you, the speed to fully realising the opportunities available through digital transformation, can be hampered by challenges with scouting the market for the best solutions, selection, and achieving adoption and spread within your organisations and across your populations. 

We act as a bridge between the NHS and industry, and work across key areas to ensure that NHS staff and equally, digital health innovators have the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of the opportunity of digital. Working with NHS commissioners, clinicians and managers to give them insight into the best digital health interventions and tools on the market and facilitate collaboration to embed the most appropriate technology for their services. 

We run programmes to: 1) build the skills and capability of health and care staff to lead transformation and achieve spread and adoption; 2) support innovators to navigate and expand in the NHS market.  

If you work in the NHS and need some help with driving digital transformation of clinical services, we can support you to: 

  • Understand the validated digital health solutions in the market place

  • Fast track how to reach these companies

  • Take the pain out of market engagement

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Global venture capital funding in digital health set a new record in 2019 at just under $10 billion and, according to Global Market Insightsis set to exceed $379 billion by 2024. The tech community is delivering solutions to healthcare’s long-standing problems, whilst providing investors with opportunities to get involved with innovations that are transforming healthcare. 

From AI tools to diagnose disease, to combining real-time data with apps, and wearables for those living with diabetes, dementia and heart problems, it’s an exciting time to invest. 

A winner of the HealthInvestor 2019 Award for public/private partnerships, DigitalHealth.London works with the brightest and the best innovators in London, helping them to develop the skills they need to design and lead digital transformation in their own health and care settings. Through initiatives such as the Accelerator, the Early Stage Investment Fund, sector events such as summits, masterclasses, pitch events and 1:1 innovation surgeries, DigitalHealth.London helps high-potential innovators maximise their potential benefit to the health and care system. 

Entrepreneurs consistently face financial challenges as they attempt to penetrate the health and care market, including the costs associated with development, compliance, validation, evidence generation and sales. As a consequence, we work with the venture funding community to better support the flow of investment to companies. One example of how we achieve this is through our partnership with digital health venture firm, RYSE Asset Management LLP, which is currently on its second Call to invest equity funding into high-growth companies. We use our unique sector insight to perform the screening and evaluation function, and we jointly bring innovations closer, to ‘spread readiness’ across the sector funding to scale.  

Are you an investor looking for your next opportunity in Healthcare? We can support you with: 

  • Market insight into digital health companies most likely to become a success within the NHS  

  • Digital health sector insight from a customer point of view 

  • Understanding what’s really behind the headlines of the NHS 

  • Partnerships with DigitalHealth.London to find the best companies in specific categories 

  • Promotion of investment opportunities to our network of companies 

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The NHS spends about £27 billion every year on goods and services and is committed to adopting beneficial, wellevidenced innovations in products, services and care models to improve healthcare. 

However, it is challenging for digital health companies wanting to supply to the NHS. There are many different routes to marketincluding selling direct to trusts and primary care organisations, through the NHS Supply Chain and applying for government tenders and contracts. 

DigitalHealth.London has a record of raising the profile of proven innovations, helping promote wider and faster adoption, and market impact. This includes providing a gateway to the UK Academic Health Science Network (AHSNs), and the NHS Innovation AcceleratorWe aim to speed up the adoption of innovation at scale, ensuring that more patients benefit from emerging new technology, more rapidly.  

Are you an innovative company looking to supply to the health and care sector? We can support you with: 

  • Navigating the health and care decision-making corridors

  • Accelerating the identification of key stakeholders across the sector 

  • Creating and finding the right partnerships along the value chain 

  • Getting feedback on value propositions 

  • Getting support on how to refine and position your solution for the market 

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