DigitalHealth.London’s Launchpad programme is a three-month programme that supports digital health SMEs develop and launch new, innovative digital health products and services to the NHS and social care market.  

The Launchpad supports between 5-8 selected companies on each cohort. It provides companies with access to knowledge sharing events, a peer support network, advice and support on how to refine products to meet current NHS and social care need and NHS navigation that will help them bring their product or service to market. 

The Launchpad provides a minimum of 12 hours of support to participants over a three-month period. Support consists of:

– Workshops and peer-to-peer learning opportunities

– Bespoke 1:1 advice from DigitalHealth.London digital health and NHS advisors

– Advice from key DigitalHealth.London founding and strategic partners  to bring rich and diverse expertise across healthcare innovation 


Current Cohort

Alva is a digital health platform serving menopausal women. They provide women with information and support to ensure they don’t suffer through menopause.

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iOWNA is a digital healthcare platform which provides integrated personalised health and wellness plans to improve care for patients, particularly those with chronic diseases. Patients have access to UK based consultants and Allied Health Professionals.

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Joy is a social-prescribing platform that enables stakeholders across health and social care to make community referrals and track their updates.

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Lisn is a digital staff engagement platform that uses machine learning to collate and analyse staff comments to generate detailed feedback and actionable insights. They are creating a Covid-19 specific report tool that will allow staff to instantly report their experience of working during the current pandemic.

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NuKi Health is a telehealth platform that provides families with quick and affordable paediatric dietetic advice. Parents can get guidance through a combination of video calls with a registered dietitian and chat-based coaching by a dietetic coach. NuKi aims to support parents with food allergies, weaning, food refusal issues and weight management.

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RTW Plus is working to deliver RESTORE, a behavioural medicine programme combining personalised 24/7 support with 8-week evidence-based education and coaching. Patients can access it through the web or an app which also syncs with their wearable devices. It provides patients with a clear pathway to regaining control of their life through cost-effective care.

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The Ticket Bank uses event tickets to improve mental health and reduce loneliness by turning empty seats into life-changing experiences. The Ticket Bank platform uses a closed marketplace system to distribute spare and unsold tickets via a network of verified charity partners and NHS Link Workers.

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Arden Tomison, CEO Thalamos

“Being part of the DigitalHealth.London Launchpad programme has helped us enormously and the education, contacts and growth opportunities the programme has provided us with have been pivotal to us reaching this stage.”

Matthew Steans, Founder Stigma Statistics

“Thank you DigitalHealth.London for making our launch possible! We highly recommend the Launchpad programme. It really gave us the support and guidance we needed at a crucial time in our business development.”

James Jurkiewicz, Co-founder Islacare

“We were lucky enough to join the December 2019 induction of the launchpad, and have benefitted from a number of in depth discussions with leads from across the NHS, from IG to Digital, which was all super helpful in guiding us towards our launch. Since then, we’ve been in keeping in touch with others in our cohort to ask & answer questions as we all move forwards together.”


Cohort 1

SurgiQ –  Real-time tracking and Artificial Intelligence tools with the ability for dynamic reporting and planning of the patient’s entire care assessment journey; from GP referral to post-treatment hospital discharge.

Tiny Medical Apps – Tiny Medical Apps’ flagship product, the Digital Health Passport, is an NHS Login enabled Personal Health Record app designed to help patients improve their management of long-term conditions, starting with asthma. Since taking part in the Launchpad programme, Tiny Medical Apps has also taken part in DigitalHealth.London’s Accelerator.

Virtue – Virtue develops innovative approaches to treat age-related conditions.

Healthtech IT –  Driving improvements and efficiencies in healthcare and allied industries through innovation in data management technologies.

The Fast 800 –  Using the latest research and evidence to help people live healthier lives.

Cohort 2

Phlo – Digital distance pharmacy that delivers prescriptions, door to door, within four hours of authorisation of a request. 

BfB labs – Digital Interventions for better youth mental health.

Okko – Smartphone software for home-monitoring of eye health.

Dem Dx – Digital triage and decision Support Tool.

Thalamos – Thalamos is a bespoke software solution for completing Mental Health Act Forms digitally, across any device.

Islacare – A visual information clinical case presentation tool.

The Exercise Clinic – Provide personalised exercise programmes for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer intergrated with education sessions.

Stigma Statistics – SME aiming to map suicide data in real time to enable more timely support for the bereaved and use the data to create better intervention and prevention strategies.

MedWyse – An Artificial Intelligence Platform that answers clinical questions by searching through guidelines and articles