Yasmine Korimbux

Yasmine Korimbux

About Yasmine

Yasmine Korimbux is a NEL Commissioning Support Unit Senior Prescribing Advisor working in Tower Hamlets CCG. Yasmine has worked in hospital, community pharmacy, GP practices as both a support Pharmacist and Independent Prescriber conducting CVD and Asthma management clinics, as well her current role.

Yasmine enjoy’s the variety of projects in Primary Care and the opportunities they create. 


As part of the work programme in tackling medicines waste, polypharmacy and de-prescribing, Yasmine wants to incorporate an electronic method that will help practices identify those patients in need of a medication review because of their current medicines management.

The CCG doesn’t currently utilise other electronic software such as ECLIPSE or PINCER. This results in a potential quality and safety gap. The CCG does have the tools produced by the Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) which provide call/recall functions, EMIS searches to identify specific cohorts of patients, dashboards etc however not specifically medicines related safety risks.

The CCG has been using ‘Scriptswitch’ for several years and has now developed a function to identify patients at risk of hospital admissions (RADAR) which incorporates PINCER. This will be a new element for practices to focus and undertake.

The aim is for practices to focus more on the proactive approach to prioritising medication reviews with a wider view to include discharge to community pharmacies, which the STP is currently reviewing.

The method Yasmine is initially using is through the GP improvement scheme, with a proposal to incentivise practices to utilise the system.

The project will cover all 36 practices (330,000 patients) and as of February 2019 is going through the governance process of sign-off by the appropriate management teams and boards.