Tal Mahmud

Tal Mahmud

About Tal

Previously, Tal was a board member of a PCT and GP Federation and worked on the integration of healthcare services across North West London. He also previously ran a successful recruitment business.

Currently, Tal is working on patient empowerment by collaboration with health and social care providers, and the use of a digital ‘interface’ between patient communities and local healthcare providers.

Tal’s 20 years’ clinical expertise brings an invaluable understanding of how patient experience can and must be improved. He has been the lead GP at an NHS Practice for 13 years.



There is increasing demand and reducing supply in the NHS. We have to work differently.

The project focusses on how the NHS can use Patient Activation Measure Scores (PAM) to direct targeted interactions and engagement with patients in the community to drive behaviour change for patients with Long Term Conditions (LTCs) through a digital platform. The project also applies coaching principles to support behaviour change and support self-care

This could work for 12,000 patients at the GP practice and could be adapted to North West London if proven to work.