Taher Esfandiari

Taher Esfandiari

About Taher Esfandiari

Taher is a Clinical Commissioning Pharmacist, part of the Medicines Optimisation and Long Term Conditions team at Lambeth CCG. Since practising as a pharmacist in 2012, Taher has held several roles spanning across community pharmacy and CCG’s across South West, North West and South East London. Taher has played a significant role in using digital innovation to create tools for clinicians to help promote best practice and reduce unwarranted variation for specific patient cohorts.

Taher’s clinical interests are in cardiovascular and mental health.



Problem: For the upcoming financial year an element of Taher’s focus will be on the reduction of medication safety incidents. Medicines safety is a significant cause of hospital admissions, with 66 million clinically significant errors per year, 71% of which are in primary care, and contribute to 4% of hospital admissions.

Solution: Practices to run searches on EMIS to identify patients at risk of a range of common prescribing and drug monitoring errors. (Initially 13 of 133 PINCER indicators). Pharmacists will be specifically trained to deliver the intervention to:

• Discuss results of searches and use educational outreach technique
• Agree action plan for correcting the errors and improving safety systems

These pharmacists will then implement the agreed action plan. Taher plans to look at more indicators over time.

Scale: 43 practices – 410,824 patients.

Desired impact: To reduce the potential for medication errors in primary care and to embed a culture of safety first across the borough. Taher intends to add further PINCER indicators in subsequent years.

Progress to date: The intricate details of the plan have yet to be finalised. Due to roll out in April 2019.