Shilpi Begum

Shilpi Begum

About Shilpi Begum

After graduating with an MBA in Healthcare Management, Shilpi joined the NHS in 2016 to apply her theoretical knowledge of the healthcare system within this industry. Shilpi has been able to build her experience of the NHS at the frontline and management role before joining the deployment team for Whole System Integrated Care (WSIC) Dashboard. As a Programme Co-ordinator for WSIC, Shilpi sees first hand the huge benefits of digital innovation within the North West London Collaboration of CCGs.

As Shilpi’s career progresses, she is excited to see how digital innovations will continue to make a positive impact to the NHS.



Problem: Shilpi is involved with the Whole System Integrated Care (WSIC) dashboards. Through this digital project, she is trying to solve the issue with fragmentation of the health service. Often health service users will go to different health care settings or providers and find themselves continually frustrated at having to repeat the same information to various health professionals.

Solution: The WSIC dashboard provides an integrated health record of patients, the data for the dashboard is fed directly from all GP practices across North West London (NWL), social care providers, mental health trusts and community service within NWL. The electronic record can be reviewed by a range of health care providers or professionals who are directly involved with the patient’s care.

Scale: Currently WSIC stores up to 2.3million patient records across NWL (94% of the NWL population), Shilpi is collaborating with all eight CCGs within NWL (Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hounslow, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hillingdon, West London and Central London).

Desired impact: The project aims to have health professionals and providers can use the WSIC dashboards to identify gaps in a patient care pathway and be proactive with interventions that may be required. Shilpi also hopes that WSIC can help towards case finding and care planning as the dashboards provides visibility across all care settings.

Progress to date: Before the end of this financial year, Shilpi aims to have deployed the WSIC dashboard across all primary care settings within NWL, this includes providing training sessions on how to use the dashboards. Shilpi then hopes to engage with the secondary care providers to actively manage their patients using WSIC.