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Robert Sweeney


About Robert Sweeney

Robert Sweeney achieved a first class honours degree in BA Business Studies which lead him to managing a range of healthcare organisations across a range of different areas. This includes NHS Primary Care, Pharmacy, Private healthcare and beauty services. This lead to working with a GP local provider network organisation and then on to the GP Federation for Greenwich where he currently operates in a Business Development role.

Robert Sweeney also offers consultancy/support services for GP practices.




Problem: Greenwich Health Ltd has a service contract with the local borough council delivering prevention services borough-wide. Part of this offering involves smoking cessation services delivered using traditional methods (i.e. face to face consultations, with Nicotine replacement therapy and Champix). While this can be a hugely effective method of supporting an individual to quit smoking, there is a desire to create a more holistic service offering which delivers support to all patients in the most effective way for their lifestyle which taps into their habits and trigger points.

There are currently 52,200 smokers in Greenwich of which 36,540 are attempting to quit smoking, unsuccessfully.The current service offering is not entirely accessible for all groups and so Robert is proposing to deliver a pilot for 100 patients using a company already established in the smoking cessation mobile application market, Quit Genius. Robert already has the infrastructure in place in terms of identifying the patients as they are already being referred from general practice into our centres and so have an immediate audience to plug into this new pathway.

Solution: Successful discussions with Quit Genius has enabled Robert to jointly create a business case with initial costings. The proposed pilot will seek to offer an alternative route to support and essentially adds another pathway in our offering using Quit Genius’ behaviour change programme. The app is easy to access and easy to use and will transform the way our patients receive this vital support.

Scale: Robert will use the pilot to measure effectiveness in terms of quit rates and look to prove cost savings in terms of increased success rates and the associated system cost-saving benefits of enabling more quitters. Robert will have this offer running directly with/alongside his trusts current delivery model which provides like-for-like evaluation opportunities to really allow for rich data for proof of success.

Desired impact: The long term aim of this project is to create a proof of concept which we could roll out to a wider audience both within Greenwich and looking further out into wider population groups.