Nikki Kahllon

Nikki Kahllon


About Nikki Kahllon

Nikki is a Project Manager who has a primary role to solve and improve issues in line with Trust Digital strategy. Having successfully implemented digital solutions such as a trust wide digitalised roster and real time safer staffing systems, Nikki firmly believes in digital transformation and the benefits of IT which enhance clinical services and patient care.

Previously Nikki managed a digital solution which allowed patients enhanced control of their care, by providing them access to their blood results and securely contact specialised services. Patient feedback reinforced her belief in the empowerment that digital technology can provide.

Pioneering digital solutions Nikki recognised a gap in patient information flow, IT allowed her to create an autotomized process in which accurate data gathering was achieved.

Nikki is looking forward to meeting fellow pioneers




Problem: Nikki’s project is a new approach to a failed Digital Dictation project.

Solution: This fed into a transformation change project involving the roll out of digital dictation along with voice recognition which would lead to secretaries spending less time on dictation and more time with helping patients through the patient pathway, thus being to give better patient care.

Desired impact: This large-scale project for voice recognition would be trust wide to cover 3 different sites, for the use in producing clinic letters.

Progress to date: The introduction of Voice Recognition is challenging as the last attempt was not successful.