Marcus Pradhan

Marcus Pradhan

About Marcus Pradhan

Marcus is a Project Manager working on a Joint Outpatient Transformation Programme at Homerton University Hospital and City & Hackney CCG. He is responsible for identifying areas of outpatient improvement & implementing digital solutions and redesigning services to cut waste and ensure the right care is offered, at the right place and time.

Prior to his current role, Marcus worked in operational management in King’s College, St Thomas’ & Homerton Hospitals.

Marcus has gained experience working on the frontline with patients alongside clinicians and understands first-hand the challenges faced by the NHS.


Problem: There are three main problem areas that are being addressed:

  • Preventing unnecessary referrals & hospital outpatient attendances, ensuring only the most clinically appropriate patients are able to access timely specialist care.
  • Secondly, optimise specialist care by redesigning services & working towards integration with community services, by improving pathways, clinical communication and patient-centred care.
  • Lastly, to reduce wastage in the system by mitigating non-attendances and cancellations resulting in wastage in terms of staff & patient time and costs.

Solution: Improved clinical pathways and communication channels to reduce wastage. Ensuring efficacy and efficiency through the use of modern communication and consultation platforms.

Scale of the project: The programme will have an impact on a proportion of the approximate total of 200,000 outpatient attendances per year delivered through one acute site integrated within a number of community sites including 40+ GP surgeries. The trust serves a population of approximately 300,000 from the City of London & the borough of Hackney, as well as the neighbouring NEL Boroughs who access specialist outpatient services.

Desired impact: Reduced waiting times for the most clinically appropriate patients and improving equity to access for patients, through more integrated community working resulting in reduced hospital visits for outpatients whilst ensuring that the care delivered is effective and in line with the long term sustainability plans for the NHS.

Progress to date: Currently at the scoping stage. A few improvement projects have been identified, however implementation plans need to be put in place in order to realise any form of benefits of the proposals.