Louise Hicks

Louise Hicks


About Louise Hicks

Louise Hicks is the Director of Development and CNIO at Barts Health. Louise is responsible for leading the digital nursing programme across the group of hospitals at Barts Health. She is an honorary visiting Professor at City University of London and is a registered Nurse, qualified teacher and Executive Coach. She is also part of the Quality Improvement leadership triumvirate and the Chief Nurse’s team. Louise joined the NHS in 1982 and has a clinical background in Emergency and Trauma Care.

Louise is passionate about empowering positive learning and accelerating improvements in care through innovation and digital solutions.




Problem: Louise aims to enhance the consistency of high quality of care and patient safety in a multi-site group of hospitals through the use of digital nursing methods.

Solution: Implementation and optimisation of Cerner millennium including digital nursing documentation, vital signs recording, the use of care compass (phase 1) plus the integration of e-prescribing during the 2nd phase of the programme.

Scale: 5 locations across the City and East London including 94 wards and all Nursing Services at Barts Health. This group includes the Royal London Hospital, Mile End, St Bartholomew’s, Whipps Cross and Newham University Hospitals. This is a workforce of 6500 Nurses serving a population of 2.5 million people.

Desired impact: The project will impact unwarranted variation in care, enhance multi-professional communication, promote a person-centred approach sensitive to patients’ changing needs. In particular the aim is to enhance the detection and the accurate management of deteriorating patients and improve measured patient safety objectives. Louise will use digital intelligence to inform real time feedback and target in situ training. The ultimate aim for Louise will be to understand and proactively impact the health of the community she serves in East London.

Progress to date: The initial infrastructure has been integrated and immersion training with lead NIO’s including a core team visit to Kansas City Cerner Smarter Care conference and multiple peer development sessions. Louise has commenced the initial scope and started to explore opportunities on each site including exploring exemplar wards and engaging cross site perspectives. The overarching strategy has been developed and approved and the Programme Board established with Exec Sponsorship, multi-professional membership and engaged participation. Demonstration, design & testing has commenced.