DH.L Evidence Generator


The DH.L Evidence Generator Development Group

A group has been established to provide guidance and oversight to the development of the DH.L Evidence Generator. Led by members of the three sponsor organisations, membership includes individuals operating in Higher Education Institutes across the capital and leaders of a number of small and medium enterprises.



Professor Paul Wallace -Health Innovation Network (Chair)

Anna King – DigitalHealth.London Acclerator

Neelam Patel – MedCity,

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator

Jenny Thomas, Tom Carlisle, Katya Masconi, Ashish Chokshi, Charlotte Lee


Yinka Makinde

City University (CASS):

Professor Harry Scarbrough

Imperial College Health Partners

Amanda Lucas

Kings College University:

Lucie C. Burgess

National Inistitute for Health Research

Clare Woods, Claire Gillott

University College London

Dr. Henry Potts, Dr. Jean Ledger, Dr. Louise Chisholm, Dr. Aida Suarez-Gonzalez

UCL Consultants:

Andy Duncan


Ibrat Djabbarov (Oparu Health), Elliot Engers (Infinity Health) Lucie Burgess (Helix Data Innovation), Dave Crane (Smokless)