Wired Health Startups


BrainWaveBank is a big data neuroscience platform that dramatically reduces the cost of directly measuring your brain health, in just a few minutes a day, from the comfort of your home. This transforms the economics and accessibility of early detection of neurological disorders including dementia, traumatic brain injury, and others.


Club Golden Era Club’s mission is to disrupt the UK’s £15 billion elderly care market by providing superior quality care, underpinned by a digital carer marketplace and technology-driven operations. Its approach allows Golden Era Club to operate at 50-70 percent lower margins than traditional care agencies and therefore better remunerate our carers for their hard work.

DANI ROIG, Co-Founder and CBDO, Psious  

Psious is a virtual reality (VR) platform for Mental Care. Designed by psychologists for psychologists, Psious brings state of the art VR into real clinical practice through a smartphone and 3D goggles. A complete solution already being used by hundreds of mental care clinicians, research groups, and reputed healthcare institutions.

VEDRANA HÖGQVIST TABOR , Director of Scientific Research, Clue 

Clue is the world’s fastest growing female health app. Its mission is to empower people to be in charge of their lives while moving science and health research forward.

THOMAS HARTE, Co-Founder, MyRecovery 

MyRecovery provides patients with a mobile application that guides them “step by step” through every aspect of their surgical treatment and recovery. Founded by two surgeons who have been on both sides of the scalpel, MyRecovery comes from their unique experience of being both the patient and the surgeon. Its mission statement is to “transform the patient experience globally”.

DANNY LANGE, Founder and CEO, ChroniSenseMedical 

ChroniSense develops wearable health monitoring devices for chronically ill patients. The wrist device includes sensors which acquire real-time medical data — such as SpO2, ECG, BP, and pulse and breathe rates. It also detects vital sign trends and changes, and communicate the data to healthcare professionals. The initial indications include COPD, CHF, Asthma and Cardiac Arrhythmia.

ANNE BRUINVELS, Founder, Px HealthCare

With cancer affecting more than one in three of us, the burden of the illness is high. Px HealthCare (Px) has developed OWise, a cancer patient-experience platform, demonstrated to improve the patient-physician relationship. Px applies advanced data-analytics to the anonymised Patient Reported Outcome (PRO), generating unique insights into improving oncology outcomes.

BEN FEHNERT, Co-Founder, Ctrl Group

Ctrl Group work internationally with healthcare companies and providers who want to use new technology to improve people’s health. In partnership with Cambridge Cognition it is developing cognitive testing applications on wearable and smart devices. This kit will enable doctors, scientists and patients to better understand and manage day-to-day brain health, empowering people to detect changes in cognitive wellbeing and take action faster.  

IVANA SCHNUR, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Sensely

Sensely’s mobile-first platform provides a virtual nurse that guides patients through the initial triage process. Using advanced machine learning and a clinical hub connection, patients are either directed to a live clinician, a GP appointment schedule, clinical services locator, or access to medical information and advice. All while maintaining communication with clinicians through electronic health record integration.

CIARA CLANCY, Founder and CEO, Beats Medical  

Parkinson’s treatment app Beats Medical provides exercises – based on daily assessments – to treat the disease symptoms, letting people reclaim their independence.

CRISTIAN PASCUAL, Co-Founder, Teckel Medical  

MEDIKTOR, from Teckel Medical, is a mobile platform that connects users to the most appropriate clinical specialist. The selection of the specialist is based on the on-line preliminary pre-diagnosis performed by MEDIKTOR with the data provided by users. Its AI based algorithms cover the most prevalent pathologies at the Emergency Services.

NORA KHALDI, Founder and CSO, Nuritas 

Nuritas is the first company in the world to use artificial intelligence and DNA analysis to find new disease-beating molecules in foodstuffs. The company has been recognised as one the most innovative startups in the world. A bioinformatics technology company, Nuritas specialises in the discovery of peptides (chains of amino acids) with functional health or therapeutic benefits in nutrition and cosmetics.

LIHI SEGAL, Founder and CEO, DayTwo 

DayTwo unlocks the mystery of how our body responds to the food we eat, and provides personalised nutrition recommendations based on each person’s unique gut microbiome, maintaining lower blood sugar levels. The technology is based on a four year ground-breaking research led by Eran Segal and Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute of Science.


TalkLife is a peer-to-peer support network for youth mental health. It aims to be a rapid early stage intervention for young people battling depression, self-injurious behaviours and suicidal ideation. TalkLife has over 300,000 members around the globe and in collaboration with MIT, Harvard and Microsoft Research, it’s developing a world first machine learning engine and digital interventions platform to not only understand their plight but potentially intervene ahead of time.

MARIA PEREIRA, Head of Research, Gecko Biomedical  

Gecko Biomedical is a privately owned medical device company based in Paris, France. It is dedicated to the rapid development and the commercialisation of polymers, namely in the form of sealants and adhesives, that support tissue healing. Gecko’s polymers are non-toxic, bind to tissues and deliver wound closure within the wet dynamic environments in the body.

LAURA INDOLFI, CEO, PanTher Therapeutics  

PanTher Therapeutics provides technologies for revolutionising the local treatment of pancreatic cancer. By implementing a novel drug-eluting platform technology to change the route of administration, it enhances chemotherapeutic efficacy while improving quality of life. In addition, PanTher’s solution provides the socioeconomic benefit of a more cost-effective management of healthcare.


HealthRhythms aims to make monitoring mental health easy, by gathering and analysing data about behaviours and routines then applying machine deep learning and predictive analytics.

JOSE ANTONIO BASTOS, Founder and CEO, knok

knok offers on-demand in-person appointments at a patient’s home. knok provides top quality, personalised and affordable health care delivered by GPs, paediatricians and psychiatrists, not only improving the satisfaction of patients but also the quality of outcomes. No more waiting at the hospital because the doctor “knoks” on your door.