20th January, 2020

With a growing population of older and disabled adults, London’s demand for care is placing the social care system under huge strain. Further to this, London Councils estimates that boroughs across the city have experienced a combined loss of more than £4 billion in core funding since 2010 (a reduction of around 63 percent). We need to think differently about how and where services are delivered, utilising digital solutions to maximise the workforce and care provided.

Health and social care systems are critical to maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of Londoners. We need a digital revolution in adult social care, starting with exploring how social care services could be delivered digitally. Technology has the potential to help free up staff time by enabling users to access services digitally, thereby improving their independence, efficiency and wellbeing and reducing the need for in-person care visits simply for reassurance. Where this type of digital solution has been implemented, service users report that it helps to increase their digital literacy and independence and reduces their social isolation. It has also led to more flexible working for social care staff.

We are teaming up with the Health Innovation Network, to deliver the ‘Digital Revolution in Social Care’ event on the morning of Friday 13th March in central London. This interactive event will generate discussions between commissioners, providers and innovators on the potential for new innovations to address the challenges and pressures on adult social care.

Hear from guest speakers present their technology projects in social care:

  • Bexley Council on how they have tested the tele-health Docobo solution in care homes
  • Hampshire County Council’s experience using assistive technology including Amazon Echo
  • Southwark Council’s digital falls prevention programme
  • Showcase of leading digital solutions in the social care space

Hear short pitches from 10 innovative companies pitch their digital solutions including:

  • Telehealth
  • Assistive technology into patients’ own homes
  • Digital platforms to manage hospital discharges and support decision making
  • Falls prevention technology.

This event provides a space to discuss these challenges and explore the digital solutions on the market that could transform social care services and clinical pathways. 

If you are an innovative company with a digital solution to social care problems and would like to apply to pitch at the event please contact: karlarichards@nhs.net before the 3rd February for more information and to request an application form.