2nd October, 2019

The NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) will help 46 NHS organisations, including clinical commissioning groups and acute, community, mental health and ambulance trusts to introduce safe health and care apps into practice. It is introducing a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) that will enable a streamlined and compliant route to market. As part of this opportunity, NHS LPP is inviting suppliers to submit apps for inclusion in the DPS.

The DPS will include apps that address areas such as mental health, women’s health, child health, diabetes, and blood pressure and more. Apps do not have to be patient-facing, and may for example support system efficiencies and functions. The project aims to deliver sustainable cost savings and service improvements to the procurement of digital technology and also workforce, medicines optimisation and pharmacy, and estates and facilities management.

To apply, developers should register as a supplier on the NHS LPP procurement portal. Full details can be found at: www.lppsourcing.org

All apps that apply will undergo an assessment by the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA), which inform the selection decision. ORCHA’s review will look at 260 aspects of each app. More information here: www.orcha.co.uk

About the NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP)

NHS LPP develops and manages collaborative procurement projects on behalf of its members including acute, community and mental health trusts, as well as clinical commission groups.

LPP operates as a centre of commercial excellence that delivers significant and sustainable cost and service improvements to all stakeholders, primarily in the London NHS economy but also outside London. There are 46 organisations within the NHS LPP membership along with clinical commissioning groups.


Despite four million health apps being downloaded every day, with more than 325,000 to choose from, it’s hard for the best apps to be spotted by consumers, health professionals or national health bodies.

ORCHA is a health app evaluation and advisor organisation. It helps governments and health and social care organisations to choose health apps that will safely make the biggest impact.

ORCHA provides a range of services to help app developers create better apps. Its breakthrough approach to monitoring the market for new apps, evaluation and community adoption has won awards.