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Andi Orlowski, a Senior Population Health Analytics Advisor at NHS England and Head of Business Intelligence at Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP), explains how the ICHP’s advanced work on population health helps organisations truly understand local communities in this short blog. Standard analysis such as risk stratification and segmentation help give a detailed picture of the health and wellbeing of communities and the challenges that different groups face. ICHP also offers some added ‘extras’ that build on these including impactibility analyses. This looks in more detail at the ways in which services engage or work with local people, to find any gaps in care or unwarranted variations that need to be addressed, and to investigate the most effective practical changes that could really make a difference.


Preparing a successful business case

Preparing a successful business case: A practical guide for suppliers of innovative products and services is intended for use by small and medium sized organisations (i.e. private companies, and third sector organisations) with limited experience of supplying their products and services to the NHS.


How patient champions can help you to scale your health innovation

Amanda Begley describes why patient involvement is vital in the development of innovations and why the patient is at the heart of anything the NHS does, in this podcast. “Involving people in the development and testing of a product provides assurance to the NHS that innovation offers true value to the patient, is user friendly, accessible and worth investing in” Amanda says in this podcast.


Challenges to adoption in the NHS

Innovation is regularly highlighted as part of the solution to the challenges facing the NHS. However, there are complex challenges to innovation uptake and adoption in the NHS. The report, NHS Innovation Accelerator: Understanding how and why the NHS adopts innovation, by the NHS Innovation Accelerator and partners looks at organisations working hard to adopt innovation. It considers how and why organisations take up innovation; the enabling factors which facilitate the uptake and embedding of an innovation; and the impacts of adopting an innovation on organisational practices. Case studies on organisations adopting digital innovation include AliveCor, Sleepio and DrDoctor.


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